Fun with scales – 3 exercises (lever harp version)

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Three exercises for lever harp to practice technique, rhythm and lever changes during playing. Inspired by Marie-Claire Jamet.

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Fun with scales : three exercises for lever harp
Inspired by Marie-Claire Jamet

Intermediate level, for lever harp with min. 34 strings, fingerings written, lever changes written

Exercise 1: Mode changes

I wrote this exercise to practice scales while changing between modes. You can practice your technique and your lever changes. Of course you can also play this without knowing anything about modes. If you want to learn more, ask me !

Lever changes are written.

Exercise 2: 2 against 3

This looks scarier than it is, but still it’s important to get used to it. Start slow. Start just with three notes in the right hand (for example C-D-E) and two notes in the left hand (C-D), and stop. Check out what and when each finger is supposed to play and how it sounds. Then add more notes to your scale and it will become easier very quickly.

Exercise 3: Scale without thumb

I love this one because it’s such an usual work-out, and I see progress every day when I practice it. But it 2-3-4 is a very difficult fingering for you, you can do another weird fingering. The idea is to step out of our comfort zone and get used to alternate fingerings for scales.

Non-harpists may also find inspiration with these exercises.

Watch the video of this exercise (the first one is a little different since I wrote it on pedal harp)

I also wrote a version of this exercise for pedal harp: