Apple pie – Warm up exercise for harp trio (lever or pedal)

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This is a warm up exercise for harp trio, or less if you use the playalong (see description below). For lever and/or pedal harp! Beginner/intermediate level. 

- This is a warm up exercise for harp trio, but you can adapt it to your needs.
- Without play-along it works for harp duo (voices 1 and 2), trio or more (double the voices). It's also useful for harp teachers, to warm up together with their students (voice 3 optional).
- With playalong, you can play it by yourself. It is on Youtube:
Choose any voice and play with me from home.
- The piece works for lever harp (min. 34 strings) and/or pedal harp
- It's also possible to play with another instrument like a piano.
- It's possible to play without playalong with harp trio.
- Bigger harp ensembles can double the voices or add improvised voices.

Most important: Don't panic!:) 🎶 🎶 Happy playing 🎧