Fun with scales – 3 exercises for pedal harp

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Fun with scales: Three scale exercises for pedal harp. Get better at scale technique, independence between right and left hand, and rhythm.


Fun with scales – 3 exercises for pedal harp
Inspired by Marie-Claire Jamet

Exercise 1) Mode changes
This is an exercise to change between modes. If you have no idea about modes, write me an e-mail. You can also play it without knowing your modes 😉

Exercise 2) Two against Three

This can be scary 👻 Start SLOW to understand the concept. Just with three notes in the right hand (let’s say C-D-E) and two notes in the left (C-D), that’s it. Check out when each finger is supposed to play and how it sounds. Then add more notes to your scale.

Exercise 3) Scale without thumb

This is FUN and weird 😁 If 2-3-4 is too difficult, invent your own weird fingering.
Obviously non-harpists can also find some inspiration in this.
I invented these exercises first for myself and that I adapted them to what I needed. You can do that too. Don’t necessarily play what’s written, get rid of the pedals, or play only with one hand at a time. Make it your own harp work-out!

Watch the video of this exercise:

I also wrote a version of these exercises for lever harp

Fun with scales – 3 exercises (lever harp version)