The Little Witch: Halloween Music for lever harp!

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The little witch: Halloween Music for lever harp. For intermediate lever harpists, two pages.

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The little witch: Halloween Music for lever harp !

The little witch is the second one of the three spooky pieces for lever harp I've written for kids (and grown ups)  🧙‍♀️  Halloween Music suits the harp perfectly... and it avoids to start learning Christmas music too early!

For intermediate players. With lever indications, no lever changes during the piece.Two pages. For lever harp with minimum 34 strings.

Prepared harp: You will also need a clothes peg to create a nice bell sound in the end...

Watch video here:

I've written three Halloween pieces for lever harp because many of my students asked for Halloween harp repertoire. I couldn't find good pieces that suited their level, so I finally wrote my own Halloween compositions! Many of my students find great joy in this spooky Halloween Music. And it's a nice change from Christmas repertoire... If you have any questions about special techniques, or anything else, you can always contact me.

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Have fun with it!