Welcome ! I am a harpist living in Switzerland. My musical activity goes from teaching to playing – in classical orchestra to jazz bands. Check out my next concerts and my videos and don’t hesitate to contact me for a trial harp lesson (live or online!). Enjoy the browse!




Next concerts

30.03.2022 Ayé!Mirjam Hässig / Jazz im Seefeld, 19.30 / jazzimseefeld.ch/programm
23.04.2022 Yin Yoga workshop with flute and harp, Cosec de Village-Neuf (F) / Facebook
28.04.2022 Niko Seibold's Elfton Ensemble / Jazzcampus Basel, 19.00 / musik-akademie.ch
20.08.2022 Harpkissax WIRED / Uncool Festival Poschiavo
02.09.2022 Harpkissax WIRED / Kultur Kaffi Bâle "Jazz unter Büchern" / kukab.ch
04.09.2022 Masterconcert Nadav Erlich / Jazzcampus Basel
07.09.2022 Masterconcert Mirjam Hässig / Ostermundigen
08.09.2022 Ayé!Mirjam Hässig / Musigbistrot Bern
10.09.2022 Ayé!Mirjam Hässig / Reich an Kultur Burgdorf
23.09.2022 Harp recital  / Sion / csengebiborka.com
08.10.2022 Ayé!Mirjam Hässig / Kulturkeller Zürich
21.10.2022 Orbitarium / Vallemaggia, Ticino
02.11.2022 Ayé!Mirjam Hässig / Theodorskirche Basel




Esther Sévérac was born in Geneva and is currently based in Basel, Switzerland, working as a free-lance harpist with a repertoire reaching from classical solo concerts to jazz ensembles. She regularly collaborates with saxophone player Niko Seibold (duo harp and saxophone Harpkissax and jazz quartet Niko Seibold’s European Song)  and flutist Anne-Lise Teruel (Duo Estival). She is also the co-founder of the music theater quartet Les Baronnes Underground (percussion, drumset, flute, harp) where she extends her capacities to singing, acting, arranging music and playing different instruments.


In these different ensembles she keeps experimenting with harp amplification and sound effects. Furthermore it gives her the opportunity to play in uncommon places for harpists such as Bird’s Eye Basel, Rössli Bern, Jazz Club Uster, Monkey Bar Basel, Boui Boui Festival Brenzikofen, Geneva Airport , Café Con Letras Basel, JazzCampus Basel, Giardini Incantati Poschiavo and many more. 


Classical performances as a soloist include collaborations with the Basel Symphony Orchestra, I Medici Orchestra Basel and Sinfonietta Dachau. She also performs harp recitals with diverse and individual programs, mixing existing harp repertoire with improvisations and singing. She’s principal harpist of the Geneva Camerata since 2019 and performs regularly with professional orchestras (Sinfonieorchester Basel, Sinfonietta Basel, Kammerorchster Basel). She was principal harp in the Swiss Youth Symphony (SJSO) from 2010 to 2015.


She studied the harp at the Music Academy Basel with renowned harpist Prof. Sarah O’Brien and holds two master degrees in solo harp performance and music pedagogy. She participated in masterclasses with famous harpists such as Xavier De Maistre, Isabelle Moretti, Skaila Kanga, Emmanuel Ceysson, Jana Bouskova, Ursula Holliger or Susann McDonald. She also had the opportunity to take single lessons with pianist Lester Menezes at the Jazz Campus Basel and to play in classical/jazz crossover projects conducted by Guillermo Klein. She frequently takes jazz harp lessons with Park Stickney and is a multiple participant in his workshop « Jazz Harp Camp » near Yverdon/CH. 


Being a very dedicated educator with a lot of experience, she teaches a number of private students in Basel in her own harp studio (www.harfenstudio.ch). Prior to her academic career as a harp student Esther earned a bachelor’s degree in multilingual communication from the University of Geneva. 




Esther regularly plays solo with a varied and interesting repertoire. She experiments with electronics combined with the harp and creates new music for her instrument.
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Duo Estival

The members of the Duo Estival, which is based in Basel, are Anne-Lise Teruel (flute, alto flute, piccolo) and Esther Sévérac (pedal harp, celtic harp, voice). The two musicians met during their studies in Basel and began playing together in 2011. Since then, they have built a varied and inspired repertoire and play regularly in concert. Next to the existing repertoire for flute and harp, they play their own arrangements and are always curious to find new combinations of their different instruments.

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Duo Harpkissax

Harp and Saxophone – a kiss between two worlds. Even more: classical and jazz music embrace Folk and Pop songs – delicate strings set ground for strong wooden metal and fragile wind set on fire by harp bop!

Niko Seibold – Alto & Soprano Saxophone & others
Esther Sévérac – Harp, voice, what else?

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Les Baronnes Underground

The « Baronnes Underground » are a music/theatre quartet. Band members are Cécile Unternährer (percussion, mallets), Anne-Lise Teruel (flutes), Anna Tuena (percussion, drumset), and Esther Sévérac (harp). They play their own compositions and arrangements and their inspiration comes from everywhere – they like to try other instruments (melodica, cazoo, electric harp), sing and experiment. They’re always looking for original projects and an element of surprise!

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Coming from the blue planet with its instruments harp, bass guitar and drums on board, Orbitarium’s sound probe is moving through interstellar space. A journey through the infinite cosmos, seeking for unknown laws, transforming surroundings, undiscovered soundscapes and unexplored worlds.

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Esther Sévérac has a Master diploma in pedagogy since june 2015. She gives private harp lessons in Basel at her own harp school Harfenstudio.ch. She also gives online lessons since they work very well and can be extremely useful to student and teacher. She is open to all musical styles (classical, pop, jazz, celtic, or other) and teaches on celtic or on pedal harps. She matches the level and pace of the learner and will adapt herself to your needs.

If you are interested in discovering this magical instrument, don’t hesitate to contact her for a first trial lesson. Learning music is without age limit !



  • A harp is provided for the lessons
  • Lessons can take place online!
  • First trial lesson for CHF 40.-
  • Lessons in french, german or english
  • Advice for the instrument maintenance, tuning and position
  • Advice about harp methods and music pieces
  • Cheerful atmosphere!
  • More info: www.harfenstudio.ch

30 min.

50 CHF

45 min.

75 CHF

60 min.

100 CHF 




Domenico Scarlatti – Sonata in A Major K208
recorded in 2019

Guillaume Connesson – Toccata for solo harp
recorded in 2019


The Skye Boat Song – Outlander Music
recorded in 2019

Duo Harpkissax


The alien dog
recorded in 2019

Original composition by Esther for harp & effects

La lune est morte – Niko Seibold’s European Song Quartet
recorded in 2019

live @ Tis Jazz Fest Basel

Orbitarium live @PROGR Bern
recorded in 2018

Orbitarium Band – drums, harp, e-bass

 Le pudding à L’Arsenic
recorded in 2017

performed by les Baronnes Underground



TeleBasel  – Esther’s interview in TeleBar
recorded in 2015

in preparation of the Ginastera Concerto